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Found Footage Festival: Volume 2


Join curators Joe and Nick on a guided tour through their ever-growing collection of odd, hilarious, and profoundly stupid videos. This edition of the Found Footage Festival features an entertaining lineup of instructional and educational videos, public access footage, and home movies found at thrift stores and rescued from dumpsters across the country. Recorded live at The Heights Theater in Minnesota, Found Footage Festival: Volume 2 is an unabashed celebration of the footage that time forgot.

Also available as a digital download.

Stairway to Stardom • Rap Montage • Celebrities Who Teach • Exercise Video Montage 3 • E-Z Catch Chicken Harvester • Harvey Sid Fisher • How to Seduce Women Through Hypnosis • Swayze Dancing • More Angry RV Salesman Jack Rebney • and more!

Format: DVD
Length: 90 minutes