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Heavy Metal Parking Lot DVD


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Indie filmmakers John Heyn and Jeff Krulik wandered around a Maryland sports arena parking lot in 1986 with a video camera, seeking to capture footage of Judas Priest fans in their native habitat. Among their muscle cars and between sloppy chugs of Budweiser, the feather-haired followers of Judas Priest put on a show rivaling any entertainment occurring inside the stadium that night. Bellowing and proselytizing their enthusiasm for all things related to leather-clad men with guitars, these fans are easy to laugh at for their drunken cluelessness and unintentional hilarity, but are equally endearing for the way they represent rabid fandom in general. The DVD comes with spin-off parking lot documentaries featuring equally enthusiastic fans--of Neil Diamond and Harry Potter--and a "dub-o-vision" cut of the documentary replicating the experience of watching a 10th generation VHS copy. How metal is that?

Format: DVD
Length: 120 minutes (including special features)