Gag Yourself Mug


Do you like to let loose on Memorial Day? Not just a barbecue, the beach and a few too many beers—we mean really go fucknutty? Do you frequently use the word fuckin', have pyromaniac tendencies and express little regard for the well-being of those around you? Well, then this mug is for you.

The mug commemorates the classic 2000 home video capturing the nexus of drunken Memorial Day insanity just a four-hour drive north of Chicago. The video unfolds as a sort of Red State Lord of the Flies as these hillbillies on holiday crystallize a raw, mutant form of sadistic hedonism. This group of sexist, debaucherous rednecks push each other to stupid new lows of dangerous recreation: chaotic sand dune cruising, brutal mud wrestling, perilous bonfire hurdles, and, of course, binge drinking ("Gag yourself, you sonuvabitch!").

15oz ceramic coffee mug, dishwasher and microwave safe.

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