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A/V Geeks: How To Be A Woman, Volume 2


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As the daughters of the baby boom reached adolescence, the American school system struggled to educate them on matters of sexual and social development lessons that were not always being taught at home. To the teacher uncomfortable with such topics, classroom films were a godsend. They depicted the reproductive system in anatomical detail a wide array of social issues, from the importance of cooking skills (You’re the Judge, starring a young Bonnie Franklin), to self-defense (Attack) and how to say “No” (Saying No). curated and introduced by Skip Elsheimer, founder of the A/V Geeks educational film archive, these often corny, sometimes frightening, cinematic life lessons provide a fascinating window to the hopes and fears of parents and educators in mid-century America. And unlike school, boys will be allowed to view these films.

You're Growing Up • Attack • You're The Judge • Saying No • The Wonders Of Reproduction • Let's Make A Sandwich • Why Study Home Economics • Growing Girls • As Others See Us • Pattern For Smartness • Improve Your Personality • Girls Are Better Than Ever • Worth Waiting For

Redbook...Eighteen To Thirty-Four • The Joy Of Living With Fragrance • Interview with A/V Geeks founder Skip Eisheimer

Format: DVD; Length: 195 minutes