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Let's Work It Out!!!


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It took a year and a half to edit, but those crazy geniuses at TV Carnage have finally done it! Now, you can take inches off your mind and say goodbye to your body!

The Let's Work It Out routine--known as "The System"--is divided into simple, hard-to-achieve chapters that, when followed properly, are guaranteed to do something to you. If you don't believe us, maybe you'll believe some of the actual fitness gurus assembled on Let's Work It Out!: O.J., Dolph Lundgren, Elmo, Dixie Carter, Marky Mark, Alyssa Milano, a Scientologist, a nice lady with brown hair, children, numerous creeps, grifters, drifters, weight lifters, doctors, and, of course, porn stars. So what do you have to lose, besides your mind?

Over 120 celebrity exercise videos edited into one 70-minute workout, not just for your body, but all of your senses, too. This DVD will tone, shape and mutate everything from above your eyes to below your thighs. A completely new, unrecognizable you is just around the corner. 

Format: DVD
Length: 70 minutes
Produced by T.V. Carnage