Found Footage Festival: Volume 10 DVD


Bust open the Pop Secret and settle in for 90 minutes of artificially buttered, slightly burnt, and mostly unpopped VHS kernels from the golden age of home video. Nick and Joe take you on a tour through their latest and greatest video finds, including a trove of Pizza Hut training videos, a striptease tape from 1985, and a mysterious New Age video called "Elimination: The First Step." Caution: Steam from these VHS clips is hot! Open carefully. Recorded live at The Bell House in Brooklyn, NY.

Video Dating For Women (1987) • More Magical Rainbow Sponge • Fighting Fit With Rowdy Roddy Piper • Believercise • Auction Alley • Sin Of The City • Pizza Hut Training Videos • Erotic Women • Males In Motion • Tracking Down The Club • "The Dorothy Recording • Elimination: The First Step • And More!

Format: DVD (Region free)

Running time: 1hr 30m

Also available on Blu-ray and as a digital download  and as a DVD + Download combo.