Found Footage Festival: Volume 5 - Digital Download



VHS may be dead, but the format is gloriously resurrected in this new action-packed fifth edition of the Found Footage Festival. Hosts Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher have compiled their most densely-packed lineup of videos to date, complete with bad celebrity career moves, drunk guys mooning Hare Krishnas, friends you can rent, and, at long last, cats riding motorcycles. Recorded live at the Oriental Theatre in Milwaukee, WI.

Ventriloquism • Let's Work It Out • Rent-A-Friend • Linda Blair's How To Get Revenge • VHS Cover Slideshow 2 • Lying & Stealing • Spring Break '85 • Hunting Calls • Self Hypnosis • Petpourri • Seminars • Workplace Safety • and more

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Format: digital mp4. Length: 85 minutes.

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